3D tweening demo using OpenFL, Away3D, Actuate, and Haxe.

Built with OpenFL, Away3D, Actuate, and Haxe, example below targets html5 platform to run within a browser:

Getting started

This is a Haxe project demonstrating tweening, built with OpenFL, Away3D, and Actuate.

Install Haxe

If you don’t already have Haxe installed, start by installing either Mac, Linux, or Windows packages.

Library Dependencies

If this is your first time running haxelib, setup by executing the following command:

$ haxelib setup
Install Lime
$ haxelib install lime
$ haxelib run lime setup
Install OpenFL
$ haxelib install openfl
$ haxelib run openfl setup
Install Actuate
$ haxelib install actuate
Install Away3D
$ haxelib install away3d

For other compiler errors, make sure libraries are updated to the latest versions by calling:

$ haxelib upgrade

Building and running

To run, call openfl test with a target, such as:

$ cd openfl-away3d-actuate-demo/
$ openfl test html5

And you end up with: