OpenFL Away3D Terrain Demo

Here's a preview of my upcoming alpha release of my Blitting engine ported to OpenFL:

Built with OpenFL, Away3D, and Haxe, terrain example below targets html5 platform to run within a browser:

Launch website

  • Mouse down — move camera
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Unity 3D Terrain from Blender ANT Landscape Generator

Unity Blender ant landscape generator

Terrains in Unity may be generated using Blender's ANT Landscape Generator.

Install ANT Landscape Generator if not already in Blender.

In Blender, select File » User Preferences…:

Blender user preferences

Under the Addons group, select the Install Addon… button.

Blender addons

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Creating a Terrain for Unity 3D with Photoshop

Terrains in Unity may be created from height maps designed with Photoshop.


Height maps should be sized to a power of two plus one (65, 129, 257, 513, 1025, 2049 in pixels) for width and height.

In Photoshop, start by creating a new image by File

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Microsoft Kinect with Unity – Thrombin Throwdown

Robert Carbajal and I had a hand in making cardiologists do silly things: Kinect/Unity Thrombin Throwdown.

Thrombin Throwdown is a game we developed for Boehringer Ingelheim for use at ESC Congress 2012 in Munich, Germany. The game is simple...

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