OpenFL Away3D Terrain Demo

Here's a preview of my upcoming alpha release of my Blitting engine ported to OpenFL:

Built with OpenFL, Away3D, and Haxe, terrain example below targets html5 platform to run within a browser:

Launch website

  • Mouse down — move camera
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Interactive Design with Expert Jason Sturges

Think #graphics, #games and interactive design are tricky? For help with all aspects of creating immersive experience, meet +Jason Sturges he's been doing it for >15 years. Get help with ActionScript, Flash and Unity 3D for #UX that will earn you...
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Microsoft Kinect with Unity – Thrombin Throwdown

Robert Carbajal and I had a hand in making cardiologists do silly things: Kinect/Unity Thrombin Throwdown.

Thrombin Throwdown is a game we developed for Boehringer Ingelheim for use at ESC Congress 2012 in Munich, Germany. The game is simple...

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Perlin Toolkit

Randomly generated background animations using perlin noise producing unique experiences each instance.

Demo it in action here.


Choose a preset for animation to select an atmosphere of:

  • Aether — Fluffy upward movement
  • Ambient
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