All I Wanted (Single)

All I Wanted0:56

Tiptop Live 11/15/2005

Carousel6:14 Mr. Jenkins is Late for Work7:02 Neither Here nor There5:38 On a Sunday Afternoon4:30


Alley Cat2:48 Carousel6:55 Cloud Burst1:56 Darby3:49 Doodad2:51 Harvest1:36 In the Shadows4:01 Interlude2:10 Jalopy2:35 Jekyll and Hyde4:20 Lunar Landing2:59 Midnight6:00 Mr. Jenkins is Late for Work3:10 Neither Here nor There5:22 Perfect Circles5:30 Ritual2:04


A Walk in the Rain5:06 Asylum1:23 Blueberry Muffins2:32 Brother Found a Dime1:42 Brother Found a Dime (revisited)1:42 Guitar Sonata I, movement I2:42 Guitar Sonata I, movement II3:43 Sudden Interruption at Kemp's Pub3:16 Sunrise3:00 Sunset4:32 Tap Dance1:14


Crooks Shuffle2:32 Jünker Shuffle3:06 Newton Shuffle2:01 Pepper Shuffle1:54 Scott Shuffle2:36 Sturges Shuffle2:36 Trip Hedrick Shuffle2:35 Tyrrell Shuffle2:55 Whitfield Shuffle1:53

⅔ Hertz

Introduction0:32 Bills2:17 Cams3:36

Stern Fishermen

Introduction0:28 Tangle2:45

Delirium Tremens

Introduction0:58 Song of the Tent9:53 Blueberry Muffins3:03 Cassiopeia Major3:22 Fritz Blues Ditty3:17 Fritz Ditty2:48 Funky Elvis Jam4:37 That was Terrible0:09

Medulla Oblongata

Crazy Poncho Bicyclist

Bus Stop7:09 Butterscotch4:22 CBCC3:11 Crazy Kitchen3:11 En mi Cuarto5:38 F# Dorian3:10 Frijoles3:01 H-Jam2:09 Moonfish3:23 Snaggage3:50 Spoons3:33

Medulla Oblongata

Live at People's 1/21/1999

Crazy Kitchen3:08 Perpetual Propulsion5:31 Traveling Song5:01 Shoefly8:38 Moonfish4:29 I'm Gonna' be Late11:55 Frijoles2:59 $4 Carnival Ride7:24 Bus Stop11:31

Medulla Oblongata

Live at People's 12/10/1998

Intro0:11 Unknown2:46 Bus Stop8:29 Traveling Song5:03 Perpetual Propulsion6:07 Moonfish4:21 Frijoles2:57 $4 Carnival Ride6:06 Butterscotch12:07 Onomatopoeia9:18 Spoons3:49 I'm Gonna' be Late6:55 Crazy Kitchen3:08 H-Jam2:13 Shoefly10:35

Medulla Oblongata

Live at People's 5/28/1999

Intro0:50 Unknown5:47 $4 Carnival Ride6:27 Traveling Song4:53 Your Local Forecast3:52 Perpetual Propulsion4:29 I'm Gonna' Be Late13:30 Unknown4:05 Shoefly9:24

Medulla Oblongata

Live at People's 2/13/1999

Intro0:56 Bus Stop9:35 Butterscotch4:52 $4 Carnival Ride6:26 Perpetual Propulsion5:04 Moonfish3:43 Frijoles7:12 Onomatopoeia8:10 Traveling Song4:54 I'm Gonna' be Late6:47 Crazy Kitchen3:05 Shoefly10:27