Unity 2019.1 features a new Terrain Tools package for automating terrain creation.

Create a new project in Unity 3D from the Unity Hub:


Install the Terrain Tools package in the Unity project by going to Window » Package Manager:


In the Package Manager window, under the Advanced menu select Show preview packages:


Then, search for “Terrain Tools” and press Install:


Consider installing the free complimentary Terrain Tools Sample Asset Pack by Unity Technologies from the Asset Store by selecting Add to My Assets:


From Window » Package Manager, select My Assets from the menu to search for Terrain Tools and press Import:


Now back in Unity with everything installed, there’s a new Terrain option under the Window menu.

Select Window » Terrain » Terrain Toolbox:


This will open a Terrain Toolbox window - change any settings and press Create:


The terrain has been created in Unity:


From the Hierarchy, select the terrain under the TerrainGroup to begin editing the terrain.

In the Inspector, under Terrain

  • Select Paint Terrain
  • Chose Raise or Lower Terrain
  • Under Brush Mask, select a brush
  • Under Stroke, set Brush Strength and Brush Size
  • In the scene, left-click to raise elevation; or, CONTRORL left-click to lower elevation