Foundation ActionScript 3 Second Edition

I've become an author, under Apress, Springer Science + Business Media - Foundation ActionScript 3 second edition publishing December 3, 2014. You'll find my name inside the »


Thunderstorm recorded on iPhone. Soundtracked to song "Exotic" composed by Kathryn Sturges and Jason Sturges using samples. »

Moon Lunar Phase at ActiveDen

Checkout my Moon Lunar Phase, available at ActiveDen. This visualization calculates the lunar phase of the moon by translating Gregorian date to Julian time. It calculates »

Interactive Design with ActionScript Expert Jason Sturges

Think #graphics, #games and interactive design are tricky? For help with all aspects of creating immersive experience, meet +Jason Sturges he's been doing it for >15 »

Ghost 0.4x on Ubuntu

This will highlight setup of Ghost on an Ubuntu instance with MySQL and Nginx. Installation First, update Ubuntu obtaining latest packages: apt-get update apt-get upgrade Install »

All I Wanted

Jason Sturges Chapman Stick solo. »

Ice flow down the Raccoon River

Ice flow down the Raccoon River, Iowa - 3/10/2012. "Midnight" Chapman Stick solo by Jason Sturges. »

Blitting SQL SDK v0.2 pre-release

Blitting SQL utilities, executing enqueued SQL operations in order. Opening a database To open a database, instantiate a new SQLDatabase and call open() specifying a file »

The Industry

Jason Sturges performs Chapman Stick at the Industry in Iowa City opening for Insectoid and Cirrus Minor on February 28th, 2009. Photo sequence by Loren Lang »

Mr. Jenkins is Late for Work

Jason Sturges Chapman Stick solo. »